DigiContent Services

Content writing

We believe that the right words can give you the ultimate high. Be it on a blog, a newspaper article or a website. Words can help you get your ideas and developments out to your audience. We believe it is our job to help you get that word out there. If you have an idea we have the words to help you get it out there.


Ever wondered how you could get more traffic on to your webpage? Be the first search option on the search engine? With the right words, of course! As a business you know the keywords that need to be looked at. Keywords are what we need to create the content that will suit your needs and helps you get the optimum hits on your page.

Brand Adverts

Used as a marketing tool, Branded ads films are quick promotional videos made by brands. The goal of branded film primarily remains to increase brand awareness, engaging audiences, and influencing customer purchasing.

Animation Videos

Quick, quirky and informative videos are the way to go if you are looking for something off beat. From ideation, scripting, storyboarding, creation to execution. We will take care of everything for you!

Shoot videos

Short films are videos made by brands that and entertainment based, either fiction or documentary styled in nature. They are content driven, relatable and are authentic in order to appeal to the audience.

Campaign designs

Want a quick and quirky way to get your idea out to your audience? All you need to give us your brief and we will design the specific communication to your target audiences. You know what they say, pictures do speak louder than words! Includes Banners / Gifs / Whatsapp post / Instagram Stories / Facebook Post and much more

Corporate design requirements

Want your customer base to know about a new campaign message? Just want to provide information about the latest development in the segment or company. Right from ideation, content and the designing, we can create the perfect mailer for your audience. Annual Reports / Infographics / Mailers / Newletters / One Pagers / E-Compendiums / Sales hand-kits and much more